How to Increase Your Word Per Minute Typing Speed

Nowadays, the efficiency of a business depends on how fast things are done. This is true in any business alike. With technology advancing at an exponential rate, it is essential to keep up, and typing at fast speeds is a must in today’s society.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional with abundant office experience, a recent college graduate who is experiencing the office culture for the first time, or an adolescent having to write papers for that dreaded History class again, Word per minute test will help you keep up to speed (Literally) with today’s demanding technological growth.

Download Word Per Minute Test

Word per minute typing test is an intuitive and easy-to-use software that provides essential typing practice for any skill-level user. This software makes it easy to improve your typing speed and accuracy as well as provides an important skill that will help you get ahead of the curve.

Word per minute test portrays different typing exercises that include drills, interactive games, fun proses, and many more. You can try challenging yourself by testing your speed and accuracy with friends and peers or set personal words-per-minute records.

Benefits of Increasing Your Typing Speed

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Unless you’re a member of Generation Z you’re going to have to adjust and improve your typing speed to advance in your career.

 Wouldn’t you like to type up that blog half the time? Or, finish that project that is due, faster? You can increase the time you spend with family and loved ones doing the things you love by typing your assignments quicker, sending emails faster, etc.

 If you are a recent college graduate, it is often a requirement found under the “Skills” part of the application process that you must meet an average of 50 words per minute (wpm).

Word per minute test can help you check that box off and allow you to focus on other areas of your resume. This will ultimately help you polish your resume, and help you land the career of your dreams!

 Even though most of us are texting, and talking on our phones and tablets, typing is an essential skill to master now and for many years to come. The best thing about typing (and typing fast at that) is that it is fairly easy to learn.

Best Free Online Typing Speed Test Tool


Typing Test's WPM Test is my favorite word-per-minute test because of a few different reasons. It's easy to use, and I believe that it provides a more accurate speed test than other websites.

With the typing speed test, you do not have to worry about manually starting the timer since the clock is started as soon as you press the first key on the keyboard. As you take the test, you can easily monitor your progress, how much time you have left, your typing speed, and the number of errors you make.

There are a variety of stories to choose from, including non-English ones, along with how much time should be allocated (1-5 minutes).

You can take this typing speed test and it will be very accurate since you will be writing actual paragraphs with punctuation instead of strings of words or simple sentences.

2)FastFingers' Words Per Minute Test

The FastFingers typing speed test is a little different because you are put through random words as part of your test. Because the words after it are not related to the one before them, this makes the test more difficult.

One of the best things about this is the Hindi typing test. Yes, you can test your Hindi typing with this tool. For this, you must first enable the Hindi language on your PC, which can be done by following.

You can see the clock count going down as you type your first letter in this typing speed test. There are a total of 200 words for you to type in this one-minute test, allowing you to improve your WPM.

The misspelled word is highlighted in red, but you can continue typing without going back to correct it.

After completing the WPM test, you will be able to view your words, keystrokes, correct words, and incorrect words per minute. During the last 24 hours, they will also tell you how fast you typed.

This site allows users to take an advanced, 1,000-word test, but they must create an account. Furthermore, in live competitions, you can race against other users for a more exciting experience.


TestMyTypingSpeed allows you to calculate your typing speed very easily. The typing speed test tool available on the Internet lets you know the number of words per minute you are typing. Types of words or characters are used to calculate a person's typing speed score.

For speed calculations, type the highlighted words in the white box and press space after each word input. The typing speed test tool is also available as a Chrome add-on for free typing tests.

TestMyTypingSpeed is an online typing speed test tool that is simple yet efficient.

4)Key Hero

This free typing speed test tool Key Hero will help you become more productive and improve your typing skills. To improve your typing speed, the game tracks your typing performance and informs you when you aren't typing.

Key Hero offers most of the features you need to master typing. It reduces finger movements while typing and corrects deficiencies to make typing faster.

You can choose the layout you prefer and start typing to increase the speed of your keystrokes. If you practice regularly and play interesting games, you can easily learn to type quickly.

Final thoughts

Your WPM doesn’t matter. Sure, if you typed faster, you could probably write more. In theory. In reality, what matters isn’t how fast you type. It’s how you string your ideas.

Enough practice should get you there but don’t be afraid to experiment. Try new types of articles. Write more articles in a row. Discover flow. Improve your quality as well as quantity.